Friday, February 6, 2009

Pens win...

The Pens beat up on Rick Nash...I mean the Columbas Blue Jackets tonight... Not gonna lie, they looked really good... Unfortunately, CBJ is not the type of team that you can exactly put up a statement win.

The only thing I have a problem with is that one of our top lines, had Tyler Kennedy and Pascal Dupuis on it... I am sorry that is just unacceptable. It is getting way too late into the season for this Mad Hatter "Change Places!" bullshit approach when it comes to making our lines. If we want to make a playoff run we need to start solidifying things.

Next two games we will really see a test of how capable this team really is. Unfortionatally prior incompitence does not leave us in the place to say "yeah we lost, but they played well..." Pens need to start moving... Honestly, at this point, anything short of an ECF appearance will most likely cost Mikey T his job...

Good to see Luca Caputi getting some chances... Chris Minard is getting the Mikey T treatment, i assume he'll be joining his "too good for the AHL not good enough for the NHL" cronies (Taffe and Janne) any day now...

Go Janne...Go Pens...FUMT


Kevin's Take:

A lot of positive's in this game.

Silk Letang is starting to step up yhe offensive part of his game, that is a real psoitive.

Our soft Pens really used the body in rubbing our the Jackets along the boards.

PP is looking better.

I like Vince can't imagine what F'n Mikey T is thinking putting Stonehands(Dupuis)and Pigman on the first line with the Lip.

MAF look really good again tonight.

But like the Lightning, the Bluejackets are bottom feeders in the NHL and for the second straight game the Pens faced a goalie in their first NHL game.(Rookie sensation Steve Mason is sidelined right now) But it is a win they needed to have and need to continue.

Florida has 3 games in hand, Buffalo 1 and Cryers 4..maybe the collapse of the Rangers might be exactly what we need. The last quarter of the season is going to get reaL INTERESTING with last 7 at home.

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LargeTurkey said...

As shitty as Janne has gotten it, Gogo has gotten it twice as shitty. He has been one of the Pens top Dmen and now he is in the AHL. Sweet.