Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who will burnout first

Just hope it isn't me.

As the playoff race is heating up the teams in the hunt will be facing increasing pressure. I was just checking out the schedules, man there should be lay it on the hockey coming up.

Of course looking at our schedule to the playoffs, we just started out an important road trip with a win in Chicago. We still have 5 of the next 6 on the road then we come home for 8 in the row.

We have 3 games with FLA(1 home/2 away), Rangers(1 home), Carolina(1 away), Montreal(1 away), plus games vs Craps, Cryers, Jersey, Boston, Calgary. So this is going to get very tense, tho I like our chances.

Did you ever think with last year we would be put into this position so late in the season. There are going to be a lot of tired and beat hockey players when this is all done, to think I'm just talking about the end of the regular season.

Group Therapy soon to come!

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