Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to Reality

Too bad this game came at such a dire time for the penguins. We can't afford to have "positive losses". The Red Wings are an elite team that the Penguins cannot match with (let alone any team in the east). This game is pretty much the complete opposite of playing the CBJ, we can't really use this game as a basis for anything since they are so good and we are not. Anyways, i actually missed the game, i thought it was a 3 oclock game, it seems that i didn't miss much... Any thoughts from the Pesonation?


Skoz said...

None of the lines produced at all. Missed power plays ops.

Sids line was complete garbage. Terrible game all around.

Oh and Hossa scored.

Terrible game.

Kevin said...

The Pens got schooled, Wings smothered us...PP goes 0-4. hold on to your hats the Sharks come knocking next.