Monday, February 16, 2009

Not sure if it's true but...

Funny story;pid=1303826;d=this
Malkin never really seemed like he had an attitude problem, but who knows... Anyways, later tonight when i get the time i will be posting a very special State of the Pesonation/Mikey T Funeral...

Edit: Link was taken is the story they are reporting...

Therrien is fed up with Malkin's attitude. He asks Malkin and Petr Sykora to come in to the coach's room.

"Shut the door, Petr. Sorry to do this to you, but I want you to translate this so there's no mistakes between me and Gino."

"Sure thing, Coach."

"Tell Gino if he doesn't buy into my system immediately, I'm going to bench him."

Sykora turns to Malkin, and translates it into Russian. Malkin responds in Russian. As he's talking, Sykora is getting visibly uncomfortable. He coughs nervously, then sighs. He's obviously trying to decide if he should translate exactly what Malkin said or to clean it up a little. After a second he turns to Therrien and translates:

"Tell that piece of shit if he ever benches me again I'll be on the next flight to Russia."

As Sykora finished the sentence, Malkin stood up and walked out of the room.


This story has come out as fan fiction... it's still funny as shit...


Merx said...

I hope it's true.....F-MT. Not playing into his system has only made him the leading scorer in the NHL and only one who was consistently played well all season

LP said...

I don't think this can be trusted.

Here are my reasons

1) Therrien just made Malkin assistant to captain like 2 weeks ago... i dont think he would have done that if he wasnt happy with his work.
2) I dont think he would have been so soft on Sykora (wich have not bought his system and is terrible in defense).
3) I don't see how Malkin was not buying his denfensive boring system... he is like +15 and guys like Sykora are like in the minus... Crosby is like a +1 ou +2...
4) Also, Malkin is the #1 scorer in the league, I don't think Therrien could afford benching him...especially when he feels the pressure and he KNOWS he had to win all the games he can in the last 25-30.
5) Sykora isnt even Russian, how could he translate to Malkin??? He may speak some russian, but why not use a Veteran and russian like Gonchar like it always been the case.

So yeah, I don't see this story beeing true... Last reason is that I don't think Malkin is the kind of guy who would answer in this way... but then again, I'm don't know him personally so...

Oh well, what ever happened, happened... the team must move on.... looking forward to see Janne playing top lines and top minutes :)

Go pens Go!!! We need WINS NOW!