Saturday, February 14, 2009

One Nail....

It is starting to get tight,the mouth is dry and assholes are starting to twitch. Whatever the excuse is going to be that is just what they are, excuses. Toronto Maple Leafs have pounded us for the 3rd straight game. MAF had to be outstanding in the second period or the Leafs might have posted a 10 spot on us.

There is plenty of blame to go around twice in this game. Hard to believe we were up 2-0 after the first.

Silk and EatNpark looked horrid tonight.

The Lips line was dreadful.

We are so bad on the below the goal line cycle.

MAF(41 shots) is facing way to much rubber game in and game out.

This sucks, so much for character, who has it?

I dunno, I just hope the final nail doesn't come Monday @ 2pm

Fire F'n Mikey T or put me out of my misery....

Vince's Take: This team has no business in the playoffs... They give up a 2 pt lead to a shitty team, when their only veteran leader has returned... I'm sorry everybody, but my faith is on it's last thread... I don't know what happened, does our supporting cast suck, did we get too much of a sense of entitlement? I don't know... All i know is this team right now, does not deserve to waste the time of the tradition of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.... I hope we don't make a trade deadline move... Let's just get to the off season and lick our wounds and rebuild...

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Skoz said...

I agree with the rebuilding Vince, lets not trade away depth only for an attempted playoff run. Go into the offseason with a clean slate and then cut deals...

I cant help but think how well Janne, Minard, and Caputi would play together... possible thrid line domination.

Your right though, no character... Sids line is just awful. Its really just laughable. You cant even be mad... just another reason to hate Mikey T..