Friday, February 13, 2009

Penguins re-assign Luca Caputi

Luca Caputi is goin back down to play with Janne... This is probably because Gonchar is coming back and Mikey T has a hard on for Billy Thomas... I'm not saying he's bad or anything, but he is never gonna be a top line player (although considering that Pigman and Dupuis are on the 1st line then i guess anything can happen)... Anyways, I thought Caputi showed some potential and I wish they would have at least gave him top line minutes... But alas in the Mikey T system you have to prove you can play minutes griding it out (even if thats not the type of player you are) in order to show that you deserve top line minutes... Maybe that is why Mikey T is incapable of developing talent, cause their skill regress when they play the roles he assigns them...

Man I hate Mikey T so much...

Kevin's Take:

These are the same coach's whom the other night had on our PP, Mark Eaton(428 games played and 18 goals..1 powerplay goal) and Bruce Oprik(350 games played and 6 goals..1 powerplay goal) at the same time. Bad enough they are even on the ice during a man advantage,but at the same friggin time, hell Mike Green scores more on one skate and both hands behind his back then these to also rans....I Hope we clean house with asshole coachs sooner than later..

FU Mikey T...FU Yeo...FU Shero