Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Janne vs. Avery?

That's right, Sean Avery is joining Janne in the ranks of the AHL playing for the Dallas Stars affiliate the Hartford Wolf Pack. Anyways the Pens are playing the Pack at the end of the month and according to Jonathan Bomboulie according to Avery's Track Record Janne is just the type of player that he likes to fight...

Also, according to JB it seems that Minards call ups might be over, next time he comes up, he will have to clear waivers if they want him to go back down... And a top AHL tier tallent like him will not clear waivers...

Kevin's take:

Not sure if avery wants to mess with the Finnish Badass. Janne is a trained UFC combatent, who is instructed to take lives.

Go Janne...Go Pens...FUMT

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