Monday, February 23, 2009

Silver Lining

With the Rangers falling apart as we speak, The Habs aren't to far behind them. Now the Sabres have lost #1 Goalie Ryan Miller with a high ankle sprain. All we need is a little run, which I think we can make.

Today on "The Drive" Eddie Crow called The Lip a punk, saying he played like a little punk with his whining. They also questioned his leadership on a consistent basis.

Then Scott Paulson surrendered that the best Nhl player resides in the Capitol. Paulson said that Lady Alex was into the Lips head the whole game.

Another comment was made saying the Craps wanted to put any doubt who the better team is just in case they would meet in the playoffs.

Our goaltending is really starting to scare me. I still have this feeling we will make it and make some noise in the playoffs.

I think we should start off with the Islanders Wednesday...

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