Friday, February 27, 2009

That was a huge 2...

Not sure how much the Pens deserved 2 there, but they got it so who cares.... I must say, this chicago team is gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Staal looked surprisingly good tonight, either he's playing for his job or trying to put on a good show for a trade, anything can happen at this point... Kunitz got goal that was Huets fault, but who cares, I liked seeing him have a presence in front of the net, we will need that down the line... What can i say malkins shot was a great set up, great finish, we deserved to win in OT (not in the 3rd, but in ot yeah)...

Anyways, that is a huge 2, brings us within 1 win of a playoff spot. Pens don't play until sunday, but tomorrow is a huge day, rangers, sabers, panthers, habs, and hurricanes are all playin so we will need to hope we get some help.

Some random thoughts:

- Pigman was out in the 3rd, no news yet, if he's hurt will there be another call up?
- Does anybody else feel like they'd rather have Thomas in there than Wallace, i was high on wallace earlier in the season but today he looked horrid, making big mistakes that caused opportunities for the Hawks...
- Can we please trade Hal Gill, i think he is out there for every goal that we ever let up... Come on, he played well last year down the stretch, this year he is horrid... I'd trade him for a corned beef sandwhich at this point...
- I'm thinking they should try out a line of Sid Staal and Kunitz....considering staal and kunitz's chemistry today, sid would be a def upgrade from pigman...

anyways, any other thoughts?

Kevin's take: PHEW!!

I agree, we did escape with our hockey lives last night blowing 2 two goal lead. The Hawks were flying after the first 20 mins. I thought the Staal line was by far our best line. The Hawks future looks bright if they can come up with a goalie.
Did you notice how calm Sarge was on the winning goal , time running out on the PP, if I was the only one yelling "come on hurry" Bob Errey will sell you the Lip's jockstrap. Gonch's pass to Malkin was just as soft and showed no urgency when all of a sudden seeing the back of the net bulge was sweet.

Kunitz , I gave a B+ for his play, even though his goal was a gift atleast he finished it. He had nice energy plus he seemed to mesh with Staal very well.

So we got out of a dodge with 2 , that is all that counts. The Stars are next. I think they can be had. They have injuries issues too, thou their goalie is alot better.

Like Vince mentioned is his post, tonight is a big night. Fla, Buff and Carolina are all on the road, The Ranger and Montreal play at home.

Hey Vince, where is the Janne video? How soon we forget.

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