Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bring in Avery 2.0

Our team is soft... We don't have an enforcer... Sean Avery is probably just as good as any of the wingers that we have... I think we should bring him in. I love Matt Cooke, but he is not filling in the shoes that Ruutu left him as the agitator/enforcer... We are letting teams push us around and run right over us, and trust me, with Avery with a Penguins logo on the front of his uni, that would not be happening... Locker room cancer my ass, I honestly don't buy into that, other than his on the ice antics and one off the ice antic he really hasn't raised that much concern in my book... Anyways, the Pens are bigger pussies on skates than the Icecapades, if we can get Avery on the cheap, I say go for it, we need more grit going into the playoffs. Hell even if we get a top tier winger, we are still a bunch of vag's... Sign Avery



Obelix said...
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Obelix said...

At last: Pittsburgh Penguins Recall Forward Janne Pesonen From Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. Crosby and Whitney out vs. Islanders. Go Pens, Go Janne. HDB (= Hurray Dan Bylsma).

Skoz said...

Oh yeahhh