Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who doesn't like beating the Cryers

Once again, the Cryers self destruct against the Pens. The Cyers Marty Biron makes yet another bone head move against us costing the Cryers yet another game verses the Pens.

A great 2 periods for the Pens almost went up in smoke as the Cryers tied the game 4-4

when Biron self destructed late in the game. Huge 2 pt.

Lip,Ugly and Shittank were absolutely dominate today.

The Lip is a Cryer killer and  love it.

Thanks for the 2 Marty, can't wait to see you again.


Skoz said...

Huge win today. So good to see Tenk have a great game. I wanna see him around long term..

Kevin said...

Skoz, your right on the Shitter, I love that one-timer. if he stays hot that would huge..

Vince said...

The thing that I like most about ShitTank is that when he gets top line minutes, he really steps up... Even though I am not high on his abilities overall, I would not mind extending his contract overall if he keeps up this enthusiasm....