Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pens 3 Rangers 0

Led by a stout defense and timely goals by Minard(1), Pigman(8) and PeterGun(17). MAF posted his 2nd shutout of the season and has allowed 1 goal in his last 2 games. 

The Rangers haven't won at the Igloo in the past 12 games. 

Janne was a healthy scratch, this is not at good sign. (Jenna has reported Janne has been re-assigned to WBS)

As I had posted a few weeks back Big Daddy is out for the season after going under shoulder surgery.

Chris Minard also lead the Pens with SOG with 4.


Jenna said...

TSN is reporting that Janne was reassigned to WBS this afternoon.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the news Jenna, I kinda been waiting for it.