Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whalers 2 - Penguins 1

The Penguins put up a mediocre effort and came up short against Caveman Staal's team.... Here we come All-Star break, maybe after playing with more consistent players at the ASG The Lip and Ugly will turn things up.... Also I still don't understand how Janne is being passed up for DJ, Minard and Bill Thomas...


Damian M. Romano said...

I can't see why the Pens wont give Pesonen a legitimate shot. We're down and out with limited options for wingers and we have a very good one right under out noses.

Skoz said...

Last night was a train wreck. There was no rhythm. The lines were a disgrace, no one was playing well together. Cooke missing the empty net, Crosby hittin the post, Satan getting owned, Letang missing open nets.. terrible.

You can't script it any better, 4:15 left and and we get a 4 minute powerplay. It seems like we always get a PP chance late when we're down and last night was the ultimate opportunity for a late game goal to the the game up.

Fleury was the bright spot of the night. And I refuse to praise Cam Ward, I don't think he was really tested the whole night. His late save on Satan was great but thats about it. We need to generate and finish on our scoring chances.

We need Janne.. would someone please tell me what role Jeffery has on this team right now?