Friday, January 9, 2009

Pens Effort or not

I'm not sure where to start with yet another collapse. Even a 3 spot last night caused me to feel alittle antsy. Being out shot 30-10 after 2 periods didn't sit well , MAF goaltending didn't sit well, The Pens D being cycled to death as they defended it with their sticks and not their bodies didn't sit well.  

Tell me why the Lip has another gear he shifts into some nights but most nights he lives on his skill alone.
Whitney is toast to me. Has F'n Mikey T lost this team? I hope so, lets get this over with. Now I say this with much reserve, I wish Ryan Malone was if front of the net, but not at the price he signed for. We need a power forawrd and a D-man who can clear the crease.  So how do you fix a problems that is from the Goal line out. To me the effort sucks and so like anything else you start at the top, so C-ya F'n Mikey T.. 

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