Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pesonen survives first round of trades...

Sabu and Ryan Stone got shipped to Edmonton, supposedly there may be more trades in the works, one specifically surrounding Janne who the Oilers are big on... Not sure if there is any truth to that or what to expect, but hopefully the Pens are finally starting to see that Mr.Pesonen can be a contributing member to this hockey team...FUMT

Kevn's Edit:
Picking up Garon sounds like the Pens are looking for some veteran leadship between the pipes. I'm sure he won't be Ty Cocklin, still I like the move. I'm not crazy about another draft choice gone, I know, you will say it was only a fourth rounder,  last year was a total draft flop so I get alittle leary when thinking about the future. Stone was never going to be a contributor here, Good luck to you Sabu. F'n MT

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