Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pens 3 at Avs 5

Pens are 3-7 in their last 10 games, they are going to try to rebound after blowing a 3 zilch lead in Nashville. We need Ugly to tear it up today. Sabu is in the net today..We needs 20 guys coming together. you can't win with just 2 stars...Gogo and Eaton are healthy scratches

1st Period:
Avs draw first blood, very weak back check by Ugly and its 1-0 Avs                                                             
13:49 Avs (to many men on the ice) Pens PP.  Nice pass from  the Lip to..Goal!! Ugly(16) , who buries it. we are tied now at 1-1.

First goal in 11 for Ugly.

I think the Pens will take that period. they had a few chances and were basically outplayed by the Avs. Avs also held a 15-8 shot advantage.

2nd period:
 Avs had taken a 2-1 lead before Ugly and the GOAL Lip(17) hooked up again with a long cross ice pass.

Tied at 2-2

Well after 2 quick goals for the Avs. 

end of 2 its 4-2 Avs. Finish this blog yourselves. I'm done watching this game. maybe our luck would change.

3rd period:

Well I lied, I gave them a chance and they blew it. After a great individual effort by Engine(13) with a shorty on a Cookie Monster penalty making 4-3 with lots of game and life to go, it ended shortly after with a PP goal by the Avs making 5-3. The Avs looked like theywere on a jialbreak in our crease.

 We have not one D man who clears the box at all.

Will a real Goalie please stand up..

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