Thursday, January 1, 2009

Winter Classic is a winner...again

Nhl may be on to something with the Winter Classic. I thought maybe being from Pittsburgh and watching the Pens defeat Buffalo last year in a SO, that no other WC could hold its own against last years. Wrong! Detroit and Chicago donned their original six unis in front of 40,000+ and took us back to every hockey players childhood. Outdoor hockey is a winner no matter who is playing. These outdoors games are for hockey lovers, and not for the  hockey fan who thinks its hip to follow hockey or only following their beloved team because they are winning then disappear when their team starts to lose again. 

The young and upcoming Chicago Blackhawks started well and led 3-1 after one period. Then the grizzley old nothing phases us Redwings came out in the second period and laid a 3 smack on the Hawks. That was all she wrote as the Wings defeated the hawks 6-4. The Wings dominated all aspects of the game from the second period on. I give this game another +10 and hope they continue to entertain us every New Years Day. 

To me the only negative was the announcers Bob Costas  and Mike Milburry, the two of them almost turned the most prize production into a talk show, being hungover from listening to a struggling Dick Clark drop the ball last night, then listening to these two idots trying to do hockey almost made me puke. 

Please NBC return next New years day with Mike Emick, make him a permanent  fixture.  Nice job NHL. Thank you and good night.

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