Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can the Pesonation bring the pens any luck?

The pens play Atlanta today. I will be in attendance, I am hoping for a win. Even if we do win, even if we win 8-1, don't read too much into it, Atlanta blows, we need this win to get going again, then we will need to get a W against a big name opponent... I'm starting to think we need a game against the Capitals or the Flyers to really get us rolling again... who knows... if i was going to a game next week and we were still losing i would have to bring a paper bag...

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Kevin said...

V-man, I know you and Jimmy are partying your asses off at the Igloo tonight, as I watch the game on TV I can sense the Pens are feeding off your energy.

Go Pens!!