Friday, January 23, 2009

Wbs 4 Hershey 3

BREAKING NEWS: Janne is now known as The Finnish Bad Ass.

Late in the second period Janne unleshed his fury on a poor Hershey recipicant with his first offical fight. It is rumored by others that Janne was mumbling "take that Mikey T." as he was lashing out.

Early in the second period Wbs 1 Hershey 1.

Janne has set-up Chris Minard(27) to tie the score.

Letestu(12) PP scored late in the period.

End of 2..Hershey 3 WBS 2.

Minard(28) has scored the Pens 3rd PP goal of the night to make it 3-3 in the 3rd.

regulation ends 3-3... in to OT.

now scoring in OT.. sounds to me like it Janne Time in the shootout.

Janne scores. yet another shootout goal.

Jean-Michel Daoust scored for the Pens after Curry made two save.. Pens win 4-3


Obelix said...

Heh heh...Any videoclip of this fight available?

Damian M. Romano said...

Nananananananananah, Nananananananananah!

Kevin said...

Haven't seen anything yet, we are keeping our eyes open