Wednesday, January 7, 2009

66 contacts Pessination

Mario was so impressed with the Pens performace last in a 3-1 thrashing of  Atlanta, he decide to see what was up and upon further investigation he uncovered the real reason for the gritty game.

The usually tight lippped Lip let it slip thta the founding father of Pessination was at the game and made his way into the Pens locker room before the game.

Vinny drop a duce was flanked by his body guard Jimmy jam it up you ass. Reports are starting to surface that there was alot of head bashing and finger breaking going on. Bobblehead F'n Mikey T was no where to be found.  Vinny is known for his strong arm tactics  when trying to get someones  attention. If you think I'm kidding just ask Shittank, if you believe he might have broke his hand on Colby's nose think twice. I picture it like this, mensroom going in for his usual drop a duce, Vinny cross paths with the S-Tank, conflict starts, Vinny demands better play unlike F'n Mikey T, next thing the shittank feels is the wrath Vinny the duce and a toliet seat slamming down across the knunckles. There were alot of screaming and crying. I think maybe the rest of the team got the messege.

Long story short, The duce and jam it up your ass return to their seats with the final result being. a 3-1 victory, Hope F'n Mikey T is paying attention he could be next. 

66 won't have to go far to find his next coach and another trip to the SCFs with a different result.

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