Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pigman is back and Thanks for the Panthers

Pigman returns to the line-up vs the Fla Panthers. Piggy should energize the line-up and maaybe he can wake the PP.  

Florida, who have lost 4 in a row limp into the igloo with pulling their goalie in 3 of the last 4 games. Lets make it 4 out of 5.

I look for their best effort since 1992 Stanley Cup Finals.

Pens have and early PP vs the Panthers..Result is no shots and no goals...

Mad Max makes a sweet move and doesn't shoot. Max needs to step it up. 

Don't let Dupe have the puck in front of the net with the puck. his spot to score is at the  top of faceoff dot and slapping it.

With Ugly and The Lip not scoring in recent games Stacky and Errey haven't had sex in awhile. Could this be the day? Stacky was spotted by condoms this morning.

first 7 mins Panther have 0 shots...

Satan need to go! away! like to another team.

Good kill by the Pens on the Gill penalty.

Flordia has just scored at the end of the penalty. 1-0 Panthers.

As the period goes on the Panthers are looking like they aren't going to go away.

Whitney pinches , gets caught, Florida scores. 2-0 Panthers.

Florida has 4 Shots and 2 Goals. one more and there might be a goalie pulled.

Dupe take a penalty, Pens must kill this one.

Pens outshot the Panthers 10-5..

Start of the 2nd..

guess what, MAF was pulled and Sabu is between the pipes.

pens did kill the Dupe penalty.

Florida's goalie Anderson was awrded an assist on the 2nd Florida goal.

Shittank(11) makes a quick shoot towards an flordia net and it a Goal. 2-1  Panthers

Florida goalie swats it out for a penalty. This could be big for the Pens PP. 

PP sucks again, 0-2 today

Quins penalty for roughing, hehehe imagine that.

Wow that was quick.  Florida goal. 3-1 Panthers

Ugly takes another penalty.

Florida PP goal, can anybody clear the front of the net. 4-1 Panthers

The Lip try to bitch slap a Panther as he fires up the Pens...

lets get back to the PP goal by the Panthers, both Psycho and the Giraffe weren't anywhere near the front of the net to clear anybody.
Ugly is playing like he looks.

Descent scrap by Mad Max and FLA campbell

The Lip loses his mind and just attacks McLean on the faceoff. 

slash against Florida evens it up.

Ugly has a great chance on the PK  result was zilch!

5-1 Forida.......

The castle is strating to crumble. Sabu is looking out of sorts.
the D is looking terrible, the forwards are looking for a Jim Jones type of figure to lead them.

It bad..real bad...

now the in between period interview is going to be a Panther.

Satrt of 3rd period:

Will we see MAF back in goal?

F'n Mikey T can't juggle anymore lines, so he has started to juggle goaltenders. Maybe the coaches should be next.

Stacky and Errey are now reaching for excuses.

Well guess what, your right 6-1 Florida

I'm done with this blog today.

Maybe we can find a positive being at rock bottom..

I'm outta here!

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