Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pens are running a muck

The scratches were Giraffe, Gogo there was a third but I'm brain dead right now. As  f'n Mikey T stands behind the pens bench for the last week looking like the wooden indian in the cigar store he should be rippin assholes. The Rangers kicked our asses 4-0,  and I hate losing not only to the Cryers, but also the Rangers.

The next 2 weeks will decide our fate. Pens play seven games in the next two weeks the easiest game comes tonight against ATL.  Let see what excuse we can use next. we have blamed umm, playing to much and not being able to practice wrong! We have tried a players only meeting, that was a total bust. I'm thinking maybe the Lip and Ugly are already in all-star mode since that is all we hear about lately. Puck support has been horrendos. Satan goes from first line to 4th line, just cut him or sit him til he becomes interested in helping this team. 

Shittank has been the only glimmer of light in the Pens line-up, but your looking at a candle light being ready to be blown out.

Let once gain look at the wingers we have. Dupe and Pigman 3rd liners at best. Cookie Monster as much as I like him he is no better than a 3rd liner. Godard is only on this team for one reason and one reason only. let me see...who do we have left....Hmm...ah..Satan, I  have always felt on his very very very best day he might be a second line winger..NOT! Cut he rotten as now. Tim Wallace, whom I won't comment on only because it isn't fair for him. Peter Gun does nothing but shoot blanks, he is a pure powerplay specialist and judging of late, Peter and the PP are MIA.

Ugly is a -7 in the last 6 with 2 assists, ya man will be a starter in the all star game...please.
Lip in the last 9,  2/g 2/a (-5) another all-start starter...Now don't have a ka-nip-shit, I know they should be starter, just tired of hearing about when we lower than spit in the a gutter right now.

Lets look at the team... Not since Nov.1- Nov15 have we had consecutive wins, matter of fact we has 6 in a row.
Since December (17 games) we have scored 46 goals(2.70 per game) 29 of those goals came in the 5 wins(9 vs islanders and 6 vs the Thrashers) so in the other 12 games we scored 17 goals all loses. In those 17 games we have a 3.58 goals against(61 goals).

PP and Pk have been down right obscene. PP has sunk to 20th(16.5%) PK also 20th(80.4)

I dunno how you would do a massive overhaul at this point of the season without tanking the season. But unless in the next 2 weeks we have a complete 360 its going to get real Ugly (no pun tented) around here.

The defense to me has not one player that looks like he knows what to do or where to be on the ice. One thing I have noticed the opponents  are taking away the late trailing defenseman come late on the rush that are  trying to create some O since our forward position  has been suffering.

Goaltending is sumed up in two words. pure garbage. so what is the easiest solution to wake this team up. FIRE F'N Mikey T.   promote WBS Coach Dan Bylsma and bring up the Finnish Finsher JAAAANNE PESSSSOONENNNN!!!!

So bring on the Thrashers ,the Nhl second worse team. We have already lost to the Nhl's worse team.


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