Sunday, November 23, 2008

#3 Keith Magnuson

On November 12th the Chicago Blackhawks retired the #3 for the late Keith Magnuson, Keith week killed in a vehicle accident, I think is was in 2003(correct me if I'm wrong), driving the vehicle was former NHLer Rob Rammage.

I remember seeing Magnuson play(you couldn't miss him because of his flaming red hair), nobody gave more on the ice. He wasn't blessed with the skill that would make him a joy to watch, but Keith was fun to watch seeing him play the game like it should be played. He was your prototypical stay at home defenseman . He was rough not only from a skills stand point(14 goals in 1442 games), but he was rough as to how he handled the d/man positon. He wouldn't back down from a challenge. Keith stood up for his mate time and time again only to get his ass kicked. Taking boxing lessons one off season you would have thought Keith would improve and maybe win a few, but no, it was amusing to see him fight. His desire to me is what stood out the most.

Pesonen and the Pens give you a final farewell salute to you, Keith Magnuson.

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