Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sure it doesn't mean much but IT SURE FEELS GREAT


This feels good, this feels really good. Yeah it doesn't take away anything from last seasons lost, it doesn't make us better than them, but it feels good. If anything, I'm mainly happy and hoping that this will give us the confidence boost that we have been needing. Staal really looked like he may have found his stride. Cooke looked like a machine. Although i don't like them, you have to admit, whenever the red wings move the puck it is like watching the closest thing to perfection in hockey... Anyways, we got the cryers comin up, hopefully we will be able to handle them. Also i hope mikey t doesn't decide to mix these lines up again (unless this mix up includes janne) before the next game...

But we must sit here and ask our self... What got into the pens that spurred that comeback... It was almost like there was an angel watching over them.... A messiah maybe?

Anyways...go pens

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