Saturday, November 22, 2008

WBS Pens lose

Pens 2 - Marlies 3

For the second straight game the Baby Pens have fizzled on the PP, as a result the Toronto Marlies defeated the Pens 3-2. Marlies G-man Justin Pogge played a strong game in net buy stopping 33 of 35 shots. I don't have much on the game since I thought it was a 7pm game I didn't listen to it at 4pm.

Janne ended the game with 2 assists +1 1(shot) and a high sticking penalty, just his second minor of the season.

Anyone who can add to this posting feel free.


Mark said...

Hmmm rough day for both squads. Janne having two assists is huge. He seems to be a factor in most scoring as of late. What a playmaker. Man, I want to see him get a legit chance so1 bad up with the big boys.... SOON.

Obelix said...

Pessi has same points than Taffe at the moment. I think Minard, Taffe and Pessi are the most effective trio in AHL at the moment.

Individual Statistics (G+A=PTS):
Chris Minard: 15 + 11 = 26
Jeff Taffe: 10 + 10 = 20
Janne Pesonen: 5 + 15 = 20

Kevin said...

Who schedules 3 games in 3 days? Maybe the Lake Erie team is what the doctor ordered. You think berks will get the start, he is only the hottest g/man in the league, yet they don't think to play him in consecutive games. I dunno maybe it was their scheduling.

They had split those 3 a few games ago, glad to see them back together.