Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pens Rumored to be Shopping Sydor

The Ottawa Sun has reported that the Pens are shopping D-man Darryl Sydor, Sydor is 36 years old and makes around 2.5 mil.

I really don't expect much in return for Sydor, with his age there might be a team out there that could a steady journyman defenseman. With the emergence of Golo and Latang there won't be any room for this granddad on the bench. I'm guessing they are try to make alittle cap room and maybe pick up a draft pick of something. 

Darryl has played in 6 games this season with 1 goal and 1 assist.

Has anyone else heard this rumor? or  if you can confirm this how about dropping us a line. 


LP said...

On the pens' official website, there was a pre game article that said that Sydor would like a trade since he doesn't get any ice time, except when they are injuries... So yeah, I think it's in the best interest of the team and for Sydor to try and trade him.. but yeah, i dont think we are going to get alot out of him... it just a mark of respect to the guy.. he wants to play, i respect that.

He barely gets any ice time now, imagine when Whitney and Goncahr comes back. He will be like the 10th D-Man.

Good luck to him!
Go Pens Go
Go Pessi Go

Kevin said...

i totally agree with you, he was the security blanket, but with the kids doing so well you may see another d-man go too