Saturday, November 15, 2008

Its a Pens sweep. 5-2 and 3-0

Sabres get a first period goal from Jason Pomgrande to lead the Pens 1-0 early in the 2nd period.

BREAKING NEWS: Janne scores PP(4) goal to get the Baby Pens rolling, its 3-0 in the second period. Final from WBS 3-0 Pens Andy Berkhoel has his 3rd shutout and Janne had the GW goal and was 3rd Star

Sounds like there are about 6 ppl in the crowd tonight, this game has turned into B...O...R...I...N...G

Ugly(7) has just scored a PP goal to tie it 1-1. yah!

Couple of meanless penalties, *yawn* Pigman takes a 2 min at the end of the 2nd. Goal Thomas Vanek(this kid can score) 2-1 Sabres with 43 secs in the period.

Pens with a late 2nd period PP. Penalty will carry over to 3rd..

Just saw the interview with Goose, he needs a rug to get him back to age of 23/24, he looks around 35.

3RD PERIOD has started just as B...O...R...I...N...G as the first period. with about 14 mins to go, is a *yawner*

With about 12 mins to go Cookie Monster just crushes a Sabre, Is anyone awake?

Sabres are playing a very good road game, But can they finish it?

Ok , the stage is set, Pens on the PP with about 9 mins to go.. do I see 2-2 in the future?

Miller just spears Staal in the nuts..ouch!

Goal Goose(4)!!!! it is 2-2, nice pass from the LIP.

Cookie Monster to the Engine(6), Goal!!!! 3-2 Pens

Tank(4) Goal!! from Ugly 4-2 the route is on....

Cookie, Engine and Pigman have been a rockin.

MAF has been solid.

Staal(7) the MT NETTERS(hey that is one of the best blogs going)5-2

Ugly is player of the game and leader scorer with 29 points.


ylinkyphrost1025 said...

pensblog is reporting the penguins have traded darryl sydor to dallas for philippe boucher

Mark said...

Yeah Pelimies. Awesome for Janne to be putting up some goals in the last couple of games. nanana

Awesome win tonight. When the Pens are down in the 3rd I do not worry at all. Malkin always seems to come out so possessed when his back is against the wall, minus the SCF. Awesome win against a quality team. I loved Staal's direct celebration with the fans on the glass. Awesome to see him out of his lil slump.

Ok so next Tuesday we got the Wild. Should be a win. 7 straight. I will then be in the ATL for the Thursday night game, hopefully I will be seeing the 8th in a row.

Go Pens

Kevin said...

Mark, you going to the Atlanta game?

Mark said...

Yes sir.

Kevin said...

Mark if you think of it, if you decide to take some pic email them to us.. we'll post

Mark said...

Will do.