Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pens 7 Wings 6

Well the Lip scored the opening goal around the 4 min mark with nice work from Satan and Max, then the Wings woke up  to score the next two. Pens held an early 4 shots to 2 advantage. The first period ended up 12-4 in favor of Detroit. 

We need to stay out of the penalty box if we are going to survive in this game.

*Osgood can be had. We need chances
*Scuderi to a slapshot to the left ankle, Rod was taken to the dressing room.
*Hossa assisted on the Detroit PP goal( this guy has magic hands)

2nd Period...

Wings on the PP, cross ice pass,Orpik stops with his skate, Samualson picks it up nice pass to Franzen easy goal 3-1.

Sydora pick up a loose puck shot it ni front, Max was tied up, but puck bounces off his skate pass Osgood. 3-2

Pens play is a little better after the Talbot goal.

Wings started to possess the puck and once again Hossa was involved. the wings were rockin and rollin and a blast from Pavel Datsyuk with Thomas Holmstrom screening MAF, Goal! 4-2

3RD Period:

Pens start back on their heels as Datsyuk is all alone to the right of MAF.
Wings seem to pick-up where they left off in the 2nd frame.

The Lip goes to the penalty box.

Wings on the PP. Goal by Zetterberg. Nice drive to net. 5-2.

Pens are faced with the dreaded 2- man advantage.. Goal Ugly 5-3. Nice shot!!

Whoa whats this a Staal sighting, GOAL!!! what a play by Cookie Monster!!! me like Cookie.. 5-4 We are in this again. oops spoke to soon..

Goal by Hudler on a blast through MAF 6-4 WTF! come on Marc you should have/need to stop that.

Ok, 5mins to go in the game, lets give a whirl..

Staal GOAL! 6-5 I knew Osgood could be had tonight, just didn't know the MAF would be had too.

frantic finish here we come...Pens flying everyhwere. The Lip a wild backhand. save Ozzie.

MT net faces the Wings.
Staal the HATRICK!!!! woot.. off the blast from Malkin. in all kind of traffic. 6-6. Where has this Staal been?

OT baby, wonder what the red lappel pins all the coaches are wearing means. What Charity?

Big Daddy Ziggy is the draw master!!! 

Pens on the PP. whoa baby, I need some oxygen.. the PP is a cooking.... no goal.

Goal!!! Pens wins Feddy wins it. 7-6.. what a game, I don't know what more to say, I'm posting as I'm watching and my head is spinning like Osgood. WOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!

I have to go Pee i'm so excited..good night !!! Pens win 7-6 in OT


Jill said...

best night everrrrrrrrrr.
definitely not going to have a voice tomorrow... WORTH IT

Val/stovgirl said...

hey, the coaches were wearing the red flowers because it was rememberance day in canada, which is like veteran's day in the us...

love your idea for the shirts...rock on...

Kevin said...

Jill good call on the fed ex..

Kevin said...

val/stov, thanks for the info. I thought it was for charity. We are working on the shirts we just need the chosen one to stick will the big club.