Thursday, November 20, 2008

Janne Claus Delivers

Pens 3 - Thrashers 2

Janne Claus appears on the blog, and delivers. Penguins win a game they should have dominated. I watched most of the 1st period closely then was watching the 2nd and 3rd off and on while watching the steelers. Anyways, Sabu looked fairly good again, let in a few dumb goals. Sid the Kid made an appearance making one of his signiture falling on his ass goal. I know one of our readers Mark was going to the game so we may be getting some exclusive pictures... If Janne Claus thinks we have been nice this year of coarse...


Mark posted a pretty good analysis from being at the game in the comments section... My favorite comment, when referring to listening to a recording of the national anthem, "I felt like I was at a Knoxville Ice Bears game."


Mark said...

Ok just got to my sisters house in the ATL after tonights 3-2 win...

My camera did not make the trip down, it was the ladies fault I swear! I apologize and I did not mean to start the Janne Claus holiday season off on the wrong foot! So I will do my best to recreate the night without pics...

Got parked across from Phillips Arena center about 430. Made the short walk across the street to one of my favorite Atlanta sports bars, Taco Mac, which is actually connected to the arena. We took in some pregame food and even some Iron City. The bar was probably half Penguins fans. Always a beautiful sight.

Eventually make it into the arena around 615. Tonight was my second Pens game in this place. For those of you who have never been there, Phillips arena is amazing! Huge concourses, tons to eat and drink, and a pretty good seating set up.

Got in and went to wait for the Pens to come out for warm ups. Tons of fans were around the area where the Pens come onto the bench. The team seemed pretty relaxed during the pregame shoot around. Talbot seemed to be joking with everyone. Fed Ex flipped a puck or two over the glass to some fans. It felt like a home game. I just couldn't stop thinking about how awesome it would be to see Mr. Finnish Elite himself out there on the ice...

After the warm up went to the seats..First row of the upper deck, behind the goal where the Pens shoot twice. Awesome seats. Comparable to the first row of E balcony. The Thrashers did not have someone sing the national anthem, just some crappy recording. I felt like I was at a Knoxville Ice Bears game. Pathetic. The crowd wasnt that big at the start of the game. The upper deck was probably only half full. The bottom bowl was relatively full though, I just expected a few more fans out to see this match up. A couple of douchebags drinking on fake ID's sat behind us... They tried to indirectly get under our skin a lil bit with some Crosby comments, but nothing to bad. The Thrasher fans are overall good people.

I thought the Pens looked good in the first until those back to back powerplays. Hard to get anything going after that. Glad to see Satan bury one home, I really hope he busts out some nasty hockey from here on out.

Second period was descent..vitange sid falling down goal. Also that hit that Letang put on White was nasty. It was great to see White not be able to get his legs under himself in the far corner. The Thrashers got their goal during one of the fans rally cries lead by their annoying mascot and a drum...

Third period had to many chances for the Thrashers. That breakaway on our last power play had me checking my pants. Clutch power play goal though. The Phillips arena was rocking. Man was Kovalsuck mad those last 90 seconds in the game. What a pansy.

Overall, it was an Awesome time. All the Pens fans definitely left happy...until they got stuck in Georgia Tech football/ Accident traffic on I-75.

Again, great night. Solid win.

Go Pens

Kevin said...

nice reporting Mark, Thank. Next time leave the ladies and take the camera..haha j/king.