Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dave Molinari's take on Pesonen...

So I emailed Dave Molinari (post gazette) about his take on Janne, mainly asking him about how long he expects (and the penguins organization) Janne to be in Wilkes Barre and if they expect Janne to play in Pittsburgh this year...
Precisely how long he'll be in Wilkes-Barre depends on a lot of things --
how he performs, whether the Penguins have injuries or some wingers who
struggle, etc. -- but I think it's safe to say that the front office doesn't
see him being marooned there for the entire season.
I was a little surprised that Pesonen was the guy demoted to get the
Penguins down to the league limit -- I'm not sure what Bill Thomas has done
to merit a place ahead of him in the NHL -- but it's fairly easy to justify
the decision by saying that he will benefit from additional exposure to the
North American game, and that he'll get more ice time and responsibilities
in Wilkes-Barre than he would have in Pittsburgh.

So Dave thinks we are in a good place...

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Stephanie said...

It's what we've all been thinking, but it's always good to hear an "experts" opinion matches ours!!