Monday, October 13, 2008

More Pesonen rumors...

I talked with DePaoli, from and asked him about if there was anything in the Penguins organization about how long Janne would be Painting Wilkes Barre red...

It is going to depend on the circumstances and how Pesonen plays. The
time table I've been hearing is the Penguins will re-evaluate their
plans for Pesonen following their West Coast trip at the end month.
We may see him in the lineup around thanksgiving. It seems the
Penguins want to give him at least 4-6 weeks in WBS getting top line

The Penguins expectations are being somewhat downplayed but I talked
to a source in the Penguins front office the other day who feels
Pesonen reminds him of Germon Titov. Don't know if you remember him,
but he was a solid two way player for the Penguins in the late 90's.
Also, I am thinking, with their lack of ability to put the puck in the net, and the fact they are having trouble clearing the zone, getting somebody who will be able to play 2-ways well, and be able to score might be a huge plus. Once again let us play the waiting game some more....


frank said...
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frank said...

im pretty sure i know how you feel about therrien from reading some of your posts in the past, but could you weigh in on these coaching decisions:

1. pesonen gets sent to the minors-okay it makes sense for him to go there to adjust to the north american game

2. bisonette and thomas who both beat out pesonen for a roster spot don't even dress for the home opener

3. to make it all worse, sydor plays fourth line forward.

i don't understand this chain of events. why put a defensemen as a fourth line winger when you have other players that could fill that role.

Vince said...

Ok so let me first clear the air, I do like Mikey T... I like that he is tough, I like that he expects the highest performance from each of his players. What I don't like about him is his obsession with toughness seems to be overshadowing talent...

Anyways... Moving onto your questions

1. I would love to see Janne up in the big leagues, I understand their reasonings. Having a talent like janne playing on the 4th line with Thomas and Godard might not be as beneficial for him in a learning sense as getting good time on a top line in WBS.

2. I'd rather have them not dress than Janne.

3. Nobody knows what happened there. I don't know if anybody wants Sydor playing Defense let alone playing on Offense.

Anyways, this season has had quite the rocky start, and I really hope they are able to get things going before we put ourself in too deep of a hole...

Mark said...

Here's my beef with HCMT. He demands toughness and he is tough, but I think his toughness has become stale and the players aren't really taking his intense coaching style to heart. What we're left is frustrated talent and excess goons. Thats all I got for right now on him.

Sydor playing forward...what??

Also Janne is down in WBS. He is there and he is going to spend time getting accustomed to the play. The waiting game is on and its nice to see that we have somewhat of a timetable for Pessi to come up. He is going to have to really just light it up now that he is down there. Nice to see him get a nice game winning feed but now its time for some Pelimies highlites. After this month passes and after Janne shows hes worthy, he will be up with the big boys and will have a spot where he deserves to be.

I'm a huge cult like follower of Janne but now its alot more than wanting to see my boy get a chance, its about adding a huge spark to the Pens... something that come November we may be needing very bad.

I got tickets to the November 20th game in ATL... I would love to see Janne be dressed for that game.

Okay that was a ramble..


Vince said...

Seeing Janne on november 20th is not a stretch by any means...

Stephanie said...

You mean you just asked DePaoli for information and he provided it to you (you didn't have to pay?)?!! All joking aside, it is nice to hear a timeline - hopefully it's true!

LargeTurkey said...

how does the guy from tiops know all this stuff? Who are his sources. Why does he know so much about every team in the NHLs possible moves? Does he make half his stuff up?

LargeTurkey said...
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Stephanie said...

@ largeturkey - I'll tell you how someone commented on my blog after posting a similar question (actually, I said it was a Rossi ruse):
"it's called being on a press release"
to which another commentor responded,
"My own press release said that, TIOPS gets it's press release from the Trib."
You figure it out!