Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where does Janne fit?

So during the game last night Kevin and I were talking about general Pens stuff, and he brought up a very interesting point...where could Janne fit on this current team? I started thinking about it, as of right now, we have more than enough forwards on our team, and not many of them have 2 way contracts. Making matters worse, I think everybody but Sykora (and i guess Satan) are 3rd/4th liners... I do not think they will bring the J man up to the big leagues if he is just gonna be a 3rd or 4th liner (barring any injuries)... So Janne really has to turn it up and really make an argument that he can come here and be that mythical "winger-for-sid" that we have been looking for the past 3 years...


Just found this on the post-gazette Q&A, Dave Molonari answered a question about who should be on Crosby's line, and he got to Janne...

All of which means that Janne Pesonen, an accomplished scorer in his native Finland who was the final forward sent to the Penguins' farm team in Wilkes-Barre before the regular season began, might well be the best candidate in their organization to produce goals with any regularity if he's placed alongside Crosby at some point in the future.
His analysis is quite interesting, read it here


Mark said...

I also don't think Janne is the type of player who should be on the 3rd line or below BUT.. is our third line really that bad? You throw Pessi in there with Talbot and maybe Kennedy and you could have a gritty line with the ability to light the lamp.

Jordan Staal is not playing like a second liner right now. I love Staal and want the most for him but he needs to step it up.

The thought of Janne being on the top line makes so much sense. I could just sit back all day and dream about the things that line could do. I think of Dupuis being just one of Sid's cronies. Having Janne up on that line could really open things up, rather than two really skilled players and Dupuis.

Anyway, if the top lines continue to not put up the points their capable of then a lil shake up is definitely in order... lets just hope it works out in JPs favor.

Go Pens

PS.. Goli is sweet on the point on the PP

Vince said...

Goli is sweet, and yes janne would fit in fine on the 3rd line but my main point was that we have a great supply of 3rd and 4th liners, but we do not have enough top 2 liners to fill them...