Thursday, October 23, 2008

Godard should be Pens spokesman

After listening to years to Mario and now his prodigy Mr. Sid Crosby, I use to think that here they are 2 of the best players to come down Interstate 376, how could their interviews be so bad. Then I thought it was a Pittsburgh thing, right? Just ask Cowher and Tomlin. Their pre and post game interviews sound exactly like, some many questions with so little answers, just a lot of lip service. Sid has more eh,ah,O and ewwws then Dale Carnegie would allow. I found this Eric Godard interview, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't have to lean forward to hear what they weren't saying. There was more substance in one Godard interview then Mario and Sid produced in their Stanley Cup runs. How many ways can you keep give the same answers over and over and over again. I say let guys like Eric and Max receive alittle more air time. Let all the Pens fan everywhere look forward to an interview instead of listening to our superstars ramble mumble through the Q & A that our media brainwashes us into thinking we have to listen to or we aren't true blue fans. Godard is an upgrade. Maybe he should anchor the top line?

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