Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reminants of Game 1....

Penguins 1 - Sharks 2

Yeah i don't really want to write about this game, it reminded me about game 1 of the SCF, the pens just got dismantled and destroyed. Anyways the pens showed alittle bit of energy with 5 min left, but that was too little too late...

Kevin's Edit:
Hey, I didn't watch the game due to needing my beauty sleep. From the highlights below, it wasn't that bad was it? Yea it was, One stat that caught my eye was Sharks Joe Thornton was 12 of 13 on faceoffs. 9 of 9 in the offensive zone against Zigomanis and Crosby(who was 4-20). It is nice to Sabu stepping up, this could prove to be vital at some point in this season. Wonder what line combos Mickey T will dream up next. I hear Pessi is sleeping at the bus station waiting for the call. Just hope he doesn't get rolled.

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Mark said...

I was able to listen to the game. Even Mike Lange couldn't get me excited about the Penguins play last night.