Saturday, October 18, 2008

Leafs 1 vs Pens 4

Thank God the Leafs came to town, this team blows....I missed the Leafs goal(thank god, I would have thrown up) and the first 10 mins, but I returned to  Goal Pascal Dupuis(2) scoring on a feed from the KID.  Looks like the PK is doing well again.
  • Can't believe Cujo is a starting Tender( he still has the best cage in the NHL).
  • We need Sid to start scoring some goals.
2nd Period:
Pens start the period strong with Malkin making a sweet move inside and feeding Dupuis to the outside, resulting in a nice scoring chance, Cujo the save.

Sid's line is looking awsome tonight, Stacky and Errey are orgasmic over them.

4:45- Fedetenko takes a hooking penalty, no harm done Pens kill it off without any damage.
7:03- Frogen takes a slash.
7:55- Goal by Satan(3) on  a sweet pass from Sid. it was Sid's 300 pt of his career.

Since Satan's goal Leafs have been coming on, they just tag a post to keep it 2-1.

Pens seem to settle back down, play is about even now.

3rd Period:

4:37- Malkin takes an offensive zone holding penalty. Pens kill the penalty.
  • Ziggy is awsome in the faceoff circle(looks like Shero made another nice pick-up)
9:51- Satan is off for tripping
12:15 GOAL Sid(1) is given a gift by a Leafs D-man as a pass out front ends up in Toronto's net.
Finally the sandwich of the game tonight resembles a nice hit by Fedetenko. Their selection the last two games resembled to grade school kids fighting on the playground

Computer is on the blink, so I'm not finishing this, you all know what happens. Sykora does score the 4th goal.

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