Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pens 4 Sens 3 O.T.

Ok, due to prior commitments I must end that game blog for today. Check out the 3rd period @ yahoo hockey

Vinces Edit: Seriously, I know i'm biased here, but BizShitty looks absolutly Horrid, he has horrible positioning, during the goal we let up he had the oportunity to get off the ice like 4 times but never did and was out of position... Mikey T really knows how to pick them

Game 1 w/o Pessi

Man, both teams are still in preseason mode. Fleury was adequate at best to me. There is something the Flower lacks but I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe it is concentration. Gerber is just a terrible goaltender 3 out of our 4 goals were scored from about the same area. Guess what Ottawa, your going no where with Gerber in net.

TK goals were gifts, but the kid deserved a game like this every once in awhile, he just works his ass off shift after shift.

Where was Gogo at? wasn't he suppose to manning the point on the powerplay, MT decided not to even dress him. You think he'll play today, can't hurt.

Malkin picked up where he left off during last(regular)season.

Kris Latang still has a way to go to become the star I think he will become. Looks like teams are going to liberty on him.

Hopefully today's game goes a little smoother.

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