Friday, October 31, 2008

Janne is coming to the Burgh!!!

IT IS OFFICAL Janne is coming to the Burgh. The Pens have recalled Janne,  I had been reporting that this was a possibility. It   now is a reality!!! So tune into tomorrow night as the Pens are in St.Louis to see what JanneNation had been waiting for.. GOODLUCK PESSI!!! Janne, listen up..Stay away from Santonio Holmes, he is the anti-christ.

I kinda have been out of the Janne loop the last couple of days due to my work schedule. I just got in figure I would tune into the WBS game and wa-la!! no Janne, whats up? Is he hurt, or is Janne still in the bus stop waiting for the call and no one notified him that the Baby Pens were playing tonight. Some fill me in on whats happening, should Vince and I start turning out milkcartons with his face on it.

Very strong report are surfacing from Jannenation, are we about see the second coming? I kinda figured something was going down and it wasn't Linda Lovelace.   So as the nation sits and waits, fill our blog with any report on this possible phenomena. 

Edit the Edit: Wbs announcers have reported Janne has been called up, let the games begin.  I guess Sid is going to miss a few games? I dunno..But Finland your Golden Boy has made it to the big show. Let Go Pessi!!


Shane said...

I just saw a posting on that Janne got the call...He's on his way!!!

I was thinking it could mean two things...One being Sid is out, or two, maybe they are doing some pre-deal shuffling (if you've heard about this "blockbuster" deal everyone keeps talking about)..


Kevin said...

Lets hear a Glory glory Hallalujah!!! The day of reckoning is upon us!!!

LP said...


now we will see what this team can really do!

i would really see a Pessi-Crosby-Dupuis/Kennedy line (if Crosby isnt out for months....)

Malkin71 said...

Time to break out the Pelimies!

Los studipos: no hablo epsanol said...

Pesonen-Staal-Minard would be a good line-up, IMHO.

Mark said...

AAHHHHH!!!! The day is finally here Pesonation.

Get the Pelimies ready!


Obelix said...

What did I say couple of hours ago: "Something interesting may happen...:)" GOOD LUCK TO PESSI AND GO PENS!!!! Let's keep lines now hot.

Hand of Godard said...