Friday, October 10, 2008

Just don't look up

Saturday night as our beloved Pens take on those pesky N.J.Devils there will be some banner raising, lets count them 1,2,3,4,5. Wait is this correct 5 new banners, so this game is suppose to start at 7:30pm, right? Wrong, look for this game to start around 9pm. This is a town trying their dammnest to be known a Hockeytown, USA. as laid claim by the Redwings. uh uh our hockeytown as we want it to be known will just banner other cities to death, Along with the Division,Conference,Stanley Cup banners, now we have the 12 scoring title banners for Mario,Jagr and Sid, we add the MVP banner for Mario,Jagr and Sid. I must tell you and I hate to admit this, I've been in quite a few other arenas over the years, Banner raising was always a special ceremony. Banners were raised honoring team accomplishments and for special players like Mario. Maybe Mario is starting to feel he is not appreciated enough. He only saved hockey in Pittsburgh a few different times, has he own special avenue named after him around the Igloo. What more does he want or need? Ahhhh, maybe Mario and Sid one boring night around the house after watching the Nhl Network telecast of some vintage Guy Lafluer smoked some good weed and decided to become creative with these I I I me me me will to raise our own self esteem. Lets raise banners Sid blurts out, so we take the gleam and glitter of this special ceremony of accomplishments and turn it into a ahhh there I am again up on the rooftop, What next? A Michel Therrien how many different line combos can I use in one game banner or a Jeff Taffe contract signing and the waived within a 5 months period banner? I dunno, I know, post some banners you would like to see hanging from the Igloo rafters. Please be creative, smoke some good weed and see what you can up with. Just don't look up tomorrow night, you might end up with a stiff neck.

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