Sunday, October 26, 2008

Winter Classic Retro Jerseys..

This Winter Classic features 2 storied franchises, Detroit Redwings  vs Chicago Blackhawks. The Nhl just released the two teams retro jerseys. Detroit founded in 1926 and went by the name Detroit Cougars. The Redwings have won 11 Stanley Cups. I'm not going to get to in depth on either team. There is just to much history and this is a blog, short and sweet. 

Chicago Blackhawks also founded in 1926, went by the Black Hawks as 2 words. The Blackhawks have won 3 Stanley Cups. Both teams are part of the "Original Six".

The Blackhawk logo in my all-time favorite.

I'm going to find it hard to believe this year event will have the magic of the Pens, Sabres match-up. That game was something special, enjoy it anyways.

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