Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Minard comments

on playing with Jeff Taffe and Janne.

For a sniper like Minard, the opportunity to skate on a line with Taffe and Pesonen can make the hurt of an injury disappear quickly.

“It’s exactly what I want – two guys like that,” Minard said.

“Taffe wants to carry the puck, make plays and he does have a good shot. Janne is very skilled and goes into the corners.

“I just have to get open and put myself in position to be successful.”

Minard said Taffe and Pesonen are talented enough to play in the NHL. But as long as they are here, he predicts his line will be an offensive force.

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Ashley said...

did you hear about the 19 year old hockey player that died? they said that jagr was talking to him when he passed out. such ashame.

luv ya