Friday, October 3, 2008

A little bump in the road

I wasn't crazy the assigning of Pessi to our affiliate Wikes-Barre team, Tho it  has been 3 hours since I heard the news from one of our Jannics out there. We must no lose our heads and  call for the heads of Therrien  and Shero(I always had such a dislike for his father, flyers headcoach) 

So, lets think of the positives. Pes will have a chance to relax and let his european game develope into THAT North American game the Pens brass must be looking for. Second of all  anyone who comes to our blog will still  be intouch with the progress of Pesonen, hey the kid definitly has offensive skill, so he goes down for awhile to hone his defensive shortcomings. 

As we bash and criticize every miss oppertunity that Bill Thomas and Paul Bissonnette squander, just keep one thought in mind, Janne will be back, he isn't finshed by any means, his legacy isn't written yet. So stay tune to this blog and LETS GO PENS!!! FU Ray Shero and Michael Therrien!!! 

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